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Raspberry Pi Zero

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The Raspberry Pi Zero is a fantastic, miniature version of the Raspberry Pi that shrinks the board down to about the size of a stick of gum, but one problem with it is the lack of wireless features. The Raspberry Pi Zero W is a new version that packs in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for double the price of the original Zero.

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The Raspberry Pi Zero W comes with most of the same specs as the standard Pi Zero, but adds in the same 802.11n Wireless LAN and Bluetooth that the Raspberry Pi 3 has. The CPU and RAM are the same as the standard Pi Zero, which are essentially the same as the earliest Raspberry Pi 1 models. Here’s a breakdown of the full specs on the Raspberry Pi Zero W:

1GHz, Single-core CPU
Mini HDMI and USB On-The-Go ports
Micro USB power
HAT-compatible 40-pin header
Composite video and reset headers
CSI camera connector
802.11n wireless LAN
Bluetooth 4.0
The Raspberry Pi Zero W also happens to arrive on the 5th anniversary of the very first Raspberry Pi, so now seems like a good time to compare the specs on all the available models. At this point, this includes the increasingly hard to parse names, Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2 Model B, Pi 1 model B+, Pi 1 Model A+, and the Zero (click to enlarge):


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